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Branch Services

Northern star offers branches in three convenient locations. Our staff is always ready and willing to be of assistance. Stop by to find out the other products and services that might benefit you.


Out-Of-State Travel

If you are traveling out-of-state, Northern Star needs to be notified. Contact us at 757.487.3474 and follow the prompt for out-of-state travel or send a message through home banking. *Please do not send a request to the general Northern Star email account.

Also note that requests will only be completed during business hours. The following information will need to be made available to allow for successful out-of-state travel:
good contact number,
account number,
cards used while traveling,
travel dates,
final destination,
means of travel (ie. Flying, cruise line, car, train, bus, etc)

Please contact for any additional assistance, clarification, or updates.

Money Orders

If you don’t have checks, this is a great way to pay without using cash. Money Orders are available at the Teller line. There is a fee associated with this product.

Wire Transfers


Receiving Institution:
Northern Star Credit Union
ABA# 251481957
5100 George Washington Hwy
Portsmouth, VA 23702

Member’s name
Account #

Reordering Checks

With so many options available for paper checks, it is easy to find a style that suits your personality. You can choose from a custom design or select the standard Northern Star Credit Union checks, there is a style for every budget.

Reordering can be done online if you have previously ordered from Legacy Member Services within the past year. If you have never ordered from Legacy Member Services or it has been a year since your last reorder, you will need to order checks through our branches.

Important - If your name or address has changed, please call Northern Star Credit Union at 757-487-3474 before reordering checks.

Legacy Member Services

Please make sure you have all necessary information and your check reorder form from your last book of checks.

What information will you need?

Control Number - You will also need the control number, which can be found on the check reorder form in your last book of checks.

ABA Number(Routing Number) - Nine digit number located at the bottom left corner of your check. This identifies Northern Star Credit Union as your financial institution.

Last 4 Digits of Account Number - Your account number appears right after the ABA Number, but before the check sequence number. It will most likely be the same as your account number with Northern Star Credit Union, but may contain two additional numbers afterward. Be sure to use the last 4 digits of this entire number, as they help identify your checking account with us.

Check Reorder Website

Score Enhancement

Your credit score serves as a fingerprint to identify your financial past. It shows all of your data, from recent loan applications to current debt and from bill payment history to how long you have had your credit cards. There are not too many things that can hinder your life as much as bad credit.

Unlike most other financial institutions, which are glad to give you a higher rate based on your credit, Northern Star wants to help you improve it. Score Enhancement is Northern Star's unique program that helps you improve your credit score. When you request our Score Enhancement service, a Northern Star representative will walk you through your credit report step by step and tell you how to improve each area.

While most credit reporting services give you a consolidated version of your report, Northern Star will give you a copy of the entire thing. You see exactly what we see, exactly as it is reported to us. This fully comprehensive score sheet is your best breakdown of your credit report.

Enhancing your credit score takes less time than most people think. Most scores can be improved with the first six months, even if you have a few late payments on your report. As your Score Enhancement guide, Northern Star representatives will also inform you how to keep your credit score in good condition after it has been repaired.

Some things you may not know about your credit score:

  • Closing old credit cards does not help your score - in fact, it may hurt it.
  • Applying for credit at many different places (ex. department stores, mail offers, banks, car dealerships) within a short amount of time can harm it.
  • Converting credit cards to installment loans may help you in more ways than one when it comes to your credit score.
  • Your income does not affect your score.
  • The length of your current residence does not affect your score.

Stop by today, you could change your credit standing in less time than you think.

Notary Service

Northern Star offers notary services, free of charge to all members. Simply visit your local branch to have an impartial, state-licensed, legal witness to the signing of your documents.

NADA Used Car Quotes

Northern Star utilizes NADA quotes as a basis for all vehicle loans.

Drive Thru Teller Window

For your convenience, Northern Star provides a Drive Thru Teller Window service at our Main Branch location. The Drive Thru is also open later than the lobby.