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In today’s society, we understand the need to access your financial information from your mobile devices and computers. Northern Star offers a variety of products that can help you maintain and control your finances when it’s convenient for you. Banking with us, is banking on the go and that’s what most people need in their life.

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Online Banking

Northern Star's e-Branch is a comprehensive online banking package offering you convenient access to many aspects of your account. e-Branch is equivalent to the home banking product large banks offer. Supplementary units of e-Branch can be added to give you greater access to your Northern Star accounts online. Whether it's Online Banking, Bill Pay, Loan24, Mobile Banking, or e-Statements, all e-Branch services are free to Northern Star members. The following is a list of the different sections of e-Branch and a description of each one.

See our e-Branch Frequently Asked Questions for other information.


For those members who want the latest up to date information on their account, e-Statements is the service of choice. Regular paper statements that are mailed to your house go through a series of steps, including external processing, printing, stuffing, addressing, and mailing. e-Statements goes through a simple two step electronic process before you are notified. e-Statements are not sent directly to your e-mail address, but to a secure server where your current and past statements are stored.

e-Statements are available for both your regular Northern Star Credit Union accounts and your Northern Star VISA Credit Card. To sign up, login to e-Branch and click on the e-Statements link under the Online Services tab at the top of the page.

Mobile Banking App

Northern Star Credit Union's free mobile app will help you manage your accounts where ever you may be, even away from home. It is available in both the Apple and Android marketplaces, and free for all Northern Star members.

Designed for busy people who are always on the go, the Northern Star Mobile App puts the power of account access in the palm of your hand using your Apple or Android device. With Northern Star's Mobile App, you can:

  • View Account Balances
  • Transfer Funds Between Accounts
  • Make Loan and Credit Card Payments
  • Pay Bills Using Our Bill Pay Service

To download Northern Star's Free Mobile App, simply visit the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store and search for "Northern Star Credit Union".

Mobile App users must first be registered users of Northern Star's e-Branch, as the e-Branch login information is used for Mobile App login as well. To pay your bills using the Northern Star Credit Union Mobile App, you must have already registered for Bill Pay and set up payees through e–Branch

Digital Wallet

Sometimes we don't have the time or free hands to reach into our pocket. That's why we offer Digital Wallet, which includes Apple Pay, Google Pay, and VISA Checkout, to help make your life easier.

Digital Wallet allows you to use your smart phone or computer* to pay for things online and in-stores by assigning a unique ID to your Northern Star debit or credit card.** This means that your actual card number is never stored or saved on a device

For additional security, you can opt to enter your PIN the checkout register of participating merchants.*** Learn more by clicking the images below.

Google Pay
Apple Pay

*Each Digital Wallet product has its own device or computer requirements. For more details, please click the link of the Digital Wallet product above.

**PIN entry varies by merchant. Not all merchants require PIN entry at their Point of Sale terminal to complete a transaction.

***Northern Star Credit Union debit and credit cards must be in good standing to complete the enrollment process. Business Account cardholders are not eligible for Digital Wallet.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay is the free and easy way to pay bills online. Bill Pay is available to Northern Star members with checking accounts, e-Branch, and e-Statements and is completely free of charge.

Bill Pay makes it easy to:

  • Make online payments to businesses and individuals
  • Make one time payments or set up recurring payments
  • Have e-Bills sent directly from businesses
  • Have e-mail reminders for payments
  • Pay your bills 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Signing up for Northern Star's free Bill Pay is easy and can be done online. You must first be a registered e-Branch and e-Statement user with Northern Star. Both of these services are free as well, and open to all Northern Star Credit Union members. If you are not an e-Branch member, contact us to set up your password and sign in at the upper right hand corner of our home page.

If you are already an e-Branch and e-Statement user, and have a checking account, you can sign up for Bill Pay by logging into e-Branch and clicking on the "Pay Bills" link. After clicking on this link, you will be walked through the registration process for Bill Pay. Signing up is easy and takes less than fifteen minutes.

If you have any further questions concerning this service, or any of our other services, feel free to contact us.

Online Loan Application

If you are looking for a quick and easy loan application, Loan24 is our solution for you. You can apply online for car loans, Visa credit cards, personal loans, and second mortgages. You can access NSLoan by using our online application.

Online Forms

The following is a list of forms available online for your convenience.

All forms require signature verification; therefore, they must physically be brought to a Northern Star branch by the primary account holder. Proper ID is required, unless your identification and signature have been scanned into our system.

The following forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing.

If you have any questions regarding the above forms, please do not hesitate to contact us.


WI$E is an online money management tool, integrated into online banking, that empowers you to take control of your finances and simplify your life. Budgeting, account aggregation, categorization and online access are just a few of the tools to guide you along your way.



Tell your money to get it together.
Aggregate your various financial account balances and transactions into one place, and get a complete financial picture.

WI$E aggregates over 10,000 financial institutions and we add more every month. Account aggregation gathers basic financial information from all of your different financial institutions and organizes it into one place.


Tell your money to make up its mind.
Don’t just track spending, know your spending! Get powerful insights on where, when and how you spend.

WI$E automatically categorizes & tracks spending from all your accounts, so you can see where your money is really going. Then create relative budgets based off your actual spending, income, debts and expenses.



Tell your money to shape up
A better way to budget. Visualize and interact with your budgets in a more meaningful way - using bubbles! Since not all budgets are created equal, using circles or “bubbles” to represent budgets allows you to quickly identify budgets that need the most attention.


At a glance, you will be able to determine a budget’s:

  • State (color)
  • Relative Value (size)
  • Spending Progress (meter)
  • Relationship to other budgets


Click on an image below to watch a video explaining WI$E

What is WI$E How can WI$E be applied to my life  
video video video
A Financial Management Tool Fueling Up Shopping

WI$E is available in the online services section of e-Branch.

The following video tutorials are available to learn more about WI$E and how to use it.

video video video

Online Security Information

Northern Star is committed to making sure that e-Branch is safe and secure. With our security infrastructure in place we are confident that access to your accounts is private and secure. Be sure and check out the e-Branch FAQ for other information.

You Play a Role in Security

While Northern Star works to protect your financial privacy, you also play a role in protecting your accounts. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure that your financial experience on the internet is safe and secure.

Ways to Protect Yourself

First and foremost, don't reveal your password to anyone else. Your password is designed to protect the privacy of your account information, but it will only work if you keep it to yourself. If you think your password has been compromised, change it immediately online.

Don't walk away from your computer if you are in the middle of an e-Branch session.

When you are finished using e-Branch, always exit before visiting other Internet sites.

If anyone else is likely to use your computer, clear your cache or turn off and re-initiate your browser in order to eliminate copies of web pages that have been stored in your hard drive. How you clear your cache will depend on the browser and version you have. This function is generally found in your preferences menu.

Northern Star strongly recommends that you use a browser with 128-bit encryption to conduct secure financial transactions over the Internet. Current acceptable browsers are:

Browser/Security Encryption

Encryption helps protect your private information so that it cannot be intercepted and read by a third party.

Encryption is the scrambling of information for transmission back and forth between two points. A virtual key is required to decode the information. When you request information about your accounts, the request is sent encrypted (scrambled) to Northern Star.

We then decode your request for information and send it back to you in an encrypted format. When you receive it, your information is automatically decoded so that you can read it.

The encryption technology used by e-Branch is so secure that it is classified by the U.S. Department of Defense and export of this technology to other countries is forbidden by law.

Digital Identity

For digital identity verification, we have a digital server certificate that your browser uses each time you sign on to verify that indeed you are connected to Northern Star.

A Note on Cookies

e-Branch utilizes cookies to hold a random session ID each time you log in. This ID is verified each time you send or receive information from e-Branch. The session ID provides security for your private information by responding only to requests that are intended for you. The session cookie is not stored on your computer, and it is dismissed when you exit your browser, or are logged out after the inactivity period. Without accepting this session ID (cookie), you cannot explore your accounts with e-Branch.

Online Fraud or Phishing

If you receive any suspicious E-mail or link to a website that appears to be from Northern Star Credit Union, report it to

Phishing is the act of obtaining personal information by use of E-mail scams or fraudulent websites.

A Phishing scam can be very difficult to detect since thieves will dress up their E-mail and website to look like it is coming from a real Business or Financial Institution. These E-mails and websites take many forms, such as a Survey, Questionnaire, or Notice of Expiring Service. Many even offer the chance to receive Money or Gifts for filling out a Survey or Questionnaire. To help prevent you from becoming a victim, we have come up with some tips and precautions to identify a Phishing Scam.

Never Give Out Personal Information

Northern Star Credit Union will NEVER send an E-Mail to obtain or verify your Name, Address, Social Security Number, Phone Number, Account Number, PIN Number or Credit/Debit Card Number. If you have opened an account with us, we already have that information so there is no need for us to ask you for it again! Furthermore, changes to your Address, Phone Number, or E-Mail address cannot be made by E-Mail. We will only accept such changes through logging into e-Branch or in person at one of our locations.

Be Cautious of Fake Surveys

From time to time, Northern Star Credit Union may ask our members to fill out a Survey to help us improve our level of service. However, these surveys are anonymous and we DO NOT ask for your Address, Social Security Number, Phone Number, Account Number, PIN Number or Credit/Debit Card Number on the form. If you receive an E-mail or link to a website that asks for any this information, do not answer any of the questions and report the E-mail or link to Northern Star Credit Union.

Information on Expiring Services

Northern Star Credit Unions offers Online Home Banking, a Telephone Audio Response Line, and Online Bill Payment services to its members. These services NEVER expire and are closed out automatically if a member closes their account. Since these services NEVER expire, we will never contact you to renew them.

Temporarily Suspended Account

Many Phishing Scams will send fake E-mails disguising themselves as a financial institution that has suspended your account due to a billing error or failure to update your account information. These fake E-mails will take you to a link that asks for information like your name, Address, Social Security Number, Phone Number, Account Number, PIN Number or Credit/Debit Card Number. Northern Star Credit Union members will be contacted by one of our staff and asked to come to one of our branches if there is a problem with their account or if account information needs to be updated. Northern Star Credit Union will only E-mail regarding the status of your account after other methods of contact, such as your telephone numbers on file, are unsuccessful.

If you have followed any links or e-mail and submitted your personal information, please contact us at 757-487-3474 or come into any of our branches immediately.

If you receive any suspicious E-mail or link to a website that appears to be from Northern Star Credit Union, report it to

For more information on Phishing, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released a document "How Not to Get Hooked by a ‘Phishing’ Scam."

For more information on Identity Theft and Online Scams:

Credit Reporting Companies United States Government

Equifax: 1-800-525-6285

Experian: 1-888-397-3742

TransUnion: 1-800-680-7289

Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Hotline: 1-877-ID-THEFT or 1-877-438-4338

To visit the FTC Identity Theft website, click here.

Social Security Administration Fraud Hotline: 1-800-269-02711-800-269-0271