There is no right or wrong way to save. All members open a share (savings) account. With this foundation, you can build a savings portfolio with products that fulfill your particular needs.

Money Market

The starting balance is $1,000. This account is best if you want to

  • Access Your Money
  • Enjoy a Higher Interest Rate
  • Save Conservatively

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VIP Saver

No starting balance required. This account is best if you want to

  • Automate Your Savings
  • Earn Rewards Points
  • Build Upon VIP Checking

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Club Accounts

The starting balance is $100. These accounts are great for specific goals. For example:

  • Tax Club
  • Vacation Club
  • Holiday Club

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Benefits Money Market VIP Saver Club Accounts
Highest Annual Percentage Yield 0.25% APY 1% APY 0.05% APY
Minimum Balance Required
Automatic Deposit Available
ATM Reimbursements

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